Brain took a different path – one less travelled.   He pursued his dreams as a patron of thought - building his craft.  He would submerse himself in Punk Music riding the currents with The Ramones and Clash.  

Brian had a love for the Desert – peaceful existence under a blanket of blue sky.  He question progress and like the Monsoons of Summer – try to block out the Sun.  Yet – when all the dust has settled - Brains light on Earth will shine.

He was 2O months older and 2 years ahead of me at every turn.  He would beat me a ping pong and reign as the champ of the KOA. He was a quiet performer who would catch you off guard – as when he became an All Star in Little League on his favorite team – The Chicago Cubs

Brian and I were separated by bunk beds until I was twelve.  We would spend our summers together in the back seat of the Station Wagon exploring the West and National Parks.  We listened to 8 tracks as the miles expired – my only companion at night in the dark. 

I have nothing but love for you – my Brother.

54, of St. Louis, MO passed away on April 9, 2014. He received a B.A. from Arizona State Univ. and M.F.A. from Univ. of Iowa. Among his accomplishments, Brian was Visiting Prof. at Cheju National Univ. (S. Korea) and Lecturer at Loyola Univ.-Chicago and St. Louis Univ.; author of two published volumes of poetry, The Full Night Still in the Street Water, and Site Acquisition; publisher of small-press poetry books; recipient of creative writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Arizona Commission on the Arts. He is survived by his wife, Jenny Mueller, of St. Louis, MO; parents Hewitt and Beatrice Young, of Scottsdale, AZ; brothers David, of Madison, WI; William, of El Segundo, CA; Gary, of Scottsdale, AZ; John, of Scottsdale, AZ; Russell, of Newport Beach, CA. Private family service will be at a later date. - te